It was in November 2007 and I was traveling in Central America when I recived an email from my father telling med that there was an old premise in Öregrund for sale. I had already for several years tried to start a business in Öregrund but for various reasons failed. I immediately sent an email to the seller and explained that I was very interested but had to postpone the deal a few months until I came back to Sweden. 3-4 months later the purchase was done and I started the journey towards what it is today.

The picture was already clear in my head and with the help of dad, mom, siblings, girlfriend and friends, we turned the scrubby house to a cozy shop with smoked fish and seafood as the main concept. The name Strandnära, we got as a proposal through a naming contest we organized. “Strandnära” means “close to the beach” and we fell directly for the gentle tone and the link to the sea and our concept idea.

On Midsummer Day 2008, we had our premiere opening. To our help we had my cousins ​​Charlotte and Kristian who ensured that customers received all the help they needed.

In the summer of 2009 Kalle startet working at Strandnära. Kalle has now become a part of the decor in the shop. Kalle is studying to become a music teacher and if you ask him its likely he plays a couple of songs for you.

In response to many customer requests, in the summer of 2010 we expanded the shop with a outdoor seating and a cafe adjacent to the store. Customers could now sit down with their lunch plates and enjoy our wonderful view over Öregrund harbor and the sunset. By pure luck I got hold of Oskar who helped me develop the cafe business and is also a really good barista.

In 2011 the business was expanded with an ice cream parlor. All the icecream sales from the café moved to this new business and the cafe had room to develop further as a continental café.

When I look back on these years, it is amazing to see how all the involving people in different ways have left their imprint in Strandnära. I have been fortunate to have wonderful people around me and who, through their expertise and personality created our atmosphere. I love what Strandnära has become and I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Welcome to become a part of Strandnära!

John Strand

Histora i bilder

Strandnäras bilddagbok
På vår Facebook-sida finns en historisk bilddagbok över Strandnäras utveckling i kronologisk ordning. Från februari 2008 till juli 2011. En fantastisk resa hittills och mer är på gång =)

Historia i korthet

Strandnära öppnar butiken med fokus på rökt fisk och skaldjur.

Utökat sortiment med oljor och vinägrar på lösvikt, oliver, fetaostar, vitlökar m.m.

Strandnära öppnar caféet samt uteservering för bägge verksamheterna.

Strandnära Glassbar öppnar