Below you can find recommendations to other websites we think have something special to offer.

The official website of båtveckan. Everything about Roslagsloppet (boatrace), artists and more.

A blog about Öregrund with excellent pictures and texts. Everything related to Öregrund.

Pictures from Öregrund
A blog full of pictures from Öregrund taken over several years by Peter Högstrom.

More pictures from Öregrund
An online archive with tons of mostly old pictures and postcards from Öregrund.öregrund
Öregrund’s official visitors guide. Here you can find events calendar, information about Öregrund and book accommodation online.

Öregrund’s history
Historian Stig Sandelins webpage about Öregrund is really worth a visit for those wishing to learn more about our history.

En short movieclip about Öregrund
A nice little advertisement for Öregrund seasons. Directed and produced by Epokgården in Öregrund.

Öregrund speedboat Club’s official webpage for Roslagsloppet 2012

Swedens oldest registrated still floating ship. Owned by a group of enthusiasts with the mission to restore and preserve its value.

Parkour in Öregrund
Beautiful film with Ronnie performing parkour in Öregrund